Worth Fighting For (#WorthFightingFor)

It’s a mentality
emotionally being… well
it’s up in the face of defeat
down in the position of prayer
back to back with God
in front of, and overcoming every obstacle
It’s withstanding the test of time
a little stronger, a little wiser, a whole lot better for every step you’ve taken

It’s not violence
In silence, speak volumes

Let our actions speak louder than our words
Let change come about because we truly have changed
Let us grow.
Let what we no longer accept
pave the way for what we’ve hoped for
Let our heads be held high
and our hearts be light
and filled with hope.

Not violence
In silence, speak volumes

Let the sting of truth
and the balm of love
outweigh our weapons of words and steel
Let us put hatred aside
so we finally heal

Each of our lives are worth fighting for
against external enemies
and internal demons
against anything that would keep us
from being the beautiful us
that we are.

No violence
In silence speak empathy,
Speak you and me.
Speak healing
Speak love.

Not violence

In silence,