Worth Fighting For (#WorthFightingFor)

It’s a mentality
emotionally being… well
it’s up in the face of defeat
down in the position of prayer
back to back with God
in front of, and overcoming every obstacle
It’s withstanding the test of time
a little stronger, a little wiser, a whole lot better for every step you’ve taken

It’s not violence
In silence, speak volumes

Let our actions speak louder than our words
Let change come about because we truly have changed
Let us grow.
Let what we no longer accept
pave the way for what we’ve hoped for
Let our heads be held high
and our hearts be light
and filled with hope.

Not violence
In silence, speak volumes

Let the sting of truth
and the balm of love
outweigh our weapons of words and steel
Let us put hatred aside
so we finally heal

Each of our lives are worth fighting for
against external enemies
and internal demons
against anything that would keep us
from being the beautiful us
that we are.

No violence
In silence speak empathy,
Speak you and me.
Speak healing
Speak love.

Not violence

In silence,

The Anthem

(on Baltimore, post-Freddie Gray)

Heartbeat of the city
Beat hard, beat strong
For lives long suffered and those long gone
That live on in us
We rise up
The right way.

Hope needed in this city
Faith to keep on to tomorrow’s promise
And the dream that’s upon us
Ready to come true
Believe in us
Believe in me
because I believe in you, and

We will rise.

But, the right way
So that our successes won’t fade
So that our progress paves the way
For future generations



Ubuntu, is a Zulu/Bantu phrase meaning “Human-ness or human kindness”, that as also been loosely translated to “I am because we are”.

I am because we are. I am because we are. I am because …. I’ve been mulling this over a lot lately. I’ve made the mistake of believing I am self-made, sometimes. I mean, of course I can acknowledge helping hands along the way, but I often saw myself as an isolated entity, not really fully grasping my impact on others, or theirs on me.

Quite simply, and yet, quite profoundly, I am because of others.

I am a daughter, and anything else I may be, because two people came together to bring me into this world.
I am sibling because I have siblings; eldest because four came after me.
I am a student because I have had teachers, leaders, and mentors.
I am a neighbor, and a tenant, a citizen, a team member, an employee, a cousin, a niece, a grandchild, a leader, a follower ….

I am only a friend because someone else calls me friend too. I would not be, otherwise.

And then it gets deeper.

Apart from God, I am only loved because someone loves me. I am only hated if hated by another. And to speak to my part, someone is loved when I love them, and hated when I hate them. Our choices, our actions, our very beings make someone else what they are. That is such a responsibility, but such a privilege, as well, to impact the lives of others so significantly.

Imagine leading a life that accounted for our impact on others. Even, can you picture you outside of yourself – Imagine taking care of yourself, because in doing so, you take care of someone else’s child, friend, sibling, and spouse. We are not our own.

Now, imagine existing in a world where this was the norm, and where your entire being were protected and valued because someone else accepted the responsibility of their impact on you, and accepted the consequences of their actions towards you onto themselves. We are only hurt when we hurt one another.

What are we without each other? We are, very literally, all in this together.

Take responsibility and ownership of the part you play in the big picture. And if you cannot take pride in your role and in your entire impact on others, it is never too late to change parts.